Jarl Whist
Jarl Whist, Partner and Chairman
Tel: +47 23 10 38 05
Mobile: +47 906 29 380

Jarl Whist has more than 20 years  experience in advisory services in strategy and business development, restructuring, M&A, work-outs and management for hire.  His experience extends across a large range of businesses.  

Former Deputy managing director of Chr. Bank & Kreditkasse, Executive Chairman of EuroNordic Corporate Finance Group , Managing Director of Anfi Group and Managing Partner of Norscan Partners. 

Selected present directorships:

Fred. Olsen SA, Anfi Group, Emerging Europe Land Development, Boligutvikling Berlin and Global Aktiv Invest.

Jon Sivert Nielsen
Jon Sivert Nielsen, Managing Partner
Tel: +47 23 10 38 11
Mobile: +47 905 73076

Jon Sivert Nielsen has been a consultant since 2002. Han has extensive experience as CEO of large and medium sized companies.  In these capacities he has been deeply involved in development and implementation of strategies, acquiring and divesting  companies as well as restructuring and closing down operations. He has extensive international experience from different industries.  Jon Sivert has strong analytical skills, communicates well and is highly focused on results.

Former positions: Corporate Vice President of Kværner ASA, President of Kværner Eureka Group, President and CEO of Norconsult Group, acting Managing Director of Blom ASA and Johan G Olsen Betong

Selected present and former directorships: Subsidiareis in the Kværner group in Norway, Europe and Asia as well as smaller privately owned companies. 

Gerhard Heiberg
Gerhard Heiberg, Partner
MBA Graduate School of Economics, Copenhagen
Tel: +47 23 10 38 00
Mobile: +47 926 26 600

Former President and CEO of Aker and Lillehammer Winter Olympics.  Presently Chairman of  IOC Marketing Commission and member of the IOC Executive Board.

Selected present and former directorships: Chairman Den Norske Bank, Chairman Norwegian Trade Council, Petroleum Geo-Services.

Stein Aukner
Stein Aukner, Partner
MBA Copenhagen School of Business
Master of Finance Authorized Financial Analyst NHH
Tel: +47 23 10 38 107
Mobile: +47 90 12 39 53

Stein Aukner has experience from Board and operative positions with special focus on investment strategy, work-outs, M&A and financing.  His experience extends across a large range of businesses with a special understanding of valuation and financial strategy. He has worked as advisor to owners, board of directors and management.  

Former Positions: CFO of Norden Forsikring ,  CEO of Oslo Finans AS, CEO of Christiania Fonds AS

Management for Hire : CEO A.L.Industrier , CEO Johan G. Olsen , CFO Kongsberg Energi , CFO Setsaas Gruppen 

Selected present and former directorships: Agra Industrier AS, Bama Gruppen AS, Møller Gruppen AS, Storm Real Estate ASA, Agasti Holding ASA, Urmaker Bjerke AS, Nerliens Meszansky AS, Centra Gruppen AS 

Truls Nyquist
Truls Nyquist, Partner
Tel: +47 23 10 38 12
Mobile: +47 913 55 566

Truls Nyquist has 25 years of banking and finance experience as well as 15 years as advisor focusing on finance, strategy, restructuring, M&A and international business development.  He has a deep knowledge of finance, green energy , industrial operations as well as real estate. 

Former positions: EVP  and investment director in of Christiania Bank, CEO of Norgeskreditt, CEO PK Christiania Bank Singapore and partner Hartmark Consulting. 

Selected present and former directorships:  Industribanken, Norske Liv, K Finans, K Holding, Norsk Skipshypothekbank, Norgeskreditt, Personalhuset, Arbaflame, Cleanergi og EuroVenture Nordica

Leiv L. Nergaard
Leiv L. Nergaard, Partner
Tel: +47 23 10 38 06
Mobile: +47 918 06 231

Leiv L. Nergaard has been an advisor since  2007. He has mainly been focusing on M&A, company strategy, corporate governance, board positions (listed and unlisted companies) and  investigations according to the company’s act.  He worked with Norsk Hydro for 38 years up until 2006 serving as CFO and member of Corporate Management for 12 years. 

Selected present and former directorships : Joma International AS, Clean Marine AS, Storebrand ASA (Chairman), Rieber & Søn ASA (Chairman), Yara International ASA.  

Brynjulf Lomsdalen
Brynjulf Lomsdalen, Partner
Bachelor Political Science, University of Oslo/Bergen
Tel: +47 23 10 38 14
Mobile: +47 482 45 707

Brynjulf Lomsdalen has background from corporate finance, advisory,  CFO and CEO in various industries. He has been with Norscan for 15 years and has mainly been assigned to management for hire  positions. 

Former CFO in Anfi del Mar  and CEO Aqualyng Holding AS, both  international operations.

Audun Røneid
Audun Røneid, Partner
Tel: +47 23 10 38 04
Mobile: +47 950 85 846

Audun Røneid has broad experience as CFO in large industrial companies.  He has also worked with establishing  Joint Ventures in Asia, operational and financial restructuring of companies as well as project management related to implementing ERP systems. 

Former positions: CFO Norske Skogindustrier, CFO Davie Yards Inc., CFO Jotun, CFO Aker Yards, SVP Finance Kværner Oil & Gas, SVP Finance Kvæner Ships Equipment

Management for Hire: CFO Høegh FLNG, CFO Otrum

Selected present and former directorships:  Subsidiaries of Norske Skogindustrier, Jotun, Kværner and Aker in Europe, Asia and America.

Anders Hennum
Anders Hennum, Partner
Tel: +47 23 10 38 15
Mobile: +47 908 81 518

Anders Hennum started up as advisor in 2014.  He has been working as divisional manager and CEO in international, industrial  operations for 20 years, predominantly focusing on B2B  markets.  He has extensive experience with strategic issues, operational restructuring and  M&A activities.  He has also worked with closing down companies and operations.   

Former positions: CEO Sönnichsen as, Member of Corporate Management Dyno Nobel ASA, CEO Methanor v.o.f., the Netherlands 

Selected directorships, present and former:  Subsidiaries and JVs of Dyno ASA/ Dyno Nobel ASA in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as international industry committees. Member of Board of Sunnaas Sykehus HF

Gudbrand Jevne
Gudbrand Jevne, Partner
Mobile: 916 24 200

Gudbrand Jevne has more than 20 years’ experience as manager within knowledge industries, and was managing director of TNS Gallup in Norway for 16 years. His expertise comprises strategy, marketing and analysis, and his experience includes transformation of business culture, service innovation and turnaround of consulting, media and industrial businesses.

Former positions: Finance Director and Marketing Director of Aftenposten.

Selected present and former directorships:
Fronteer Solutions AS, TNS Gallup AS. 

Terje Namtvedt
Terje Namtvedt, Partner
MBA Harvard Business School
Tel: +47 23 10 38 07
Mobile: +47 900 21 282

Terje Namtvedt has 25 years consulting experience with emphasis on issues of strategy, restructuring, work-outs, M&A and refinancing.  His experience extends across a large range of businesses with a special in depth understanding of real estate investments and developments.  

Former positions:  CFO of IBM, Leasing Service, Ted Bates. 

Selected directorships, present and former: BN Kreditt ASA, BN Bank ASA, BN Boligkreditt AS, Nydalens Compagnie AS, EOS Industriplast Aps, Nor-Bygg AS, Thor Dahl AS.